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Nuclear Medicine Preps
Bone Scan
No prep required.

Gallbladder (HIDA) Scan
You must fast for 4 hours prior to the start of your exam.

Renal Scan
No prep required.

Thyroid Scan
All thyroid hormones must be temporarily discontinued prior to your scan: thyroxine for at least 6 weeks and triiodothyronine for at least 2 weeks. Additionally, you should not take antithyroid medications (PTV and tapazole) for at least 3 days prior to your scan.

Please consult with your physician before discontinuing any of these medications.

You should not have any iodinated contrast exams (IVP, CT with contrast, myelogram or angiogram) for at least 6 weeks prior to your thyroid scan.

Following your scan, please contact your physician for instructions before resuming any medications that may have been temporarily discontinued.