Westfield Imaging Center - Summit Radiological Associates, P.A. Enhancing the Health of Our Patients
What does PACS mean to me?
It means your staff can save time and function as a proficient, coordinated team. Most importantly, it means you can better manage your patients' care.

What does RIS-PACS mean to our patients?
Every medical facility continuously seeks ways to further optimize security of patient information, data and safety. At Westfield Imaging Center, we strongly support and comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures. With our RIS-PACS system, we are able to assign who is allowed to read and write patient data.

How does the RIS-PACS work?
The AMICAS MEDFAX system is designed to give us patient information and diagnostic images at a glance from a single workplace. Whether we are looking at complex anatomical structures using the latest image processing technology or using qualitative and quantitative evaluation functions, this system provides us with efficient and readily available data.

The AMICAS MEDFAX system streamlines the information process by allowing us to exchange data directly via the Internet. You can enter the patient's desired appointment time directly from your office and inquire about exam status at any time.

How does RIS-PACS save time?
At Westfield Imaging Center, we configure user specific work lists to ensure daily tasks are handled quickly and efficiently. For perfect exam planning, the system provides an overview of all clinically relevant patient data, including previous exams before we even begin the current exam. This eliminates time taken to look for previous exams for comparison, which is critical to the process of reading and following a patient's progress. All pertinent patient information is at our fingertips. Most importantly, films are never lost.

How does RIS-PACS improve image viewing?
Our RIS-PACS system offers our patients true support for diagnosis. For example, in complex cases, images from CT or MR scans are automatically arranged in an optical fashion and displayed in the desired order. The images can be rearranged manually via the drag and drop process. Previous and actual exams can be visualized in a synchronized mode for more efficient and accurate reporting.

Will I need help with Inter-computer configuration?
At Westfield Imaging Center, we want to make sure you have all the right connections in your office. We'll be happy to assist you with computer specifications and internet access recommendations.